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Wholesale all styles lapel pins:
  Flag Lapel Pin | Trading Pin
Photo etched Lapel Pin | Die Struck Lapel Pin | Printing Lapel Pin
Cloisonné Lapel Pin | Imitation Enamel Lapel Pin | Soft Enamel Lapel Pin

Wholesale Lapel Pins at Factory Price

5days! Sample Time.
7days! Production Time.


Wholesale Cloisonné Lapel Pins at US$1.5-US$2.5/pc
Cloisonné was developed by Chinese thousands of years ago. The coloring on the cloisonné lapel pins won't fade away in almost 100years. It's as hard and glossy as ceramic. It must be bake under over 800 degrees Celsius per color. Yet the coloration confines to 156 specific cloisonné colors, not as many as pantone color chart. Additional screen printing might be applied upon any demands beyond the 156 fixed colors for the cloisonné badges/lapel pins. Cloisonné lapel pins are ideal for collection or premium souvenirs, hence the cost is higher relatively. Only copper is available for cloisonné badges due to the features of captioned metal.

Wholesale Imitation Hard Enamel Lapel Pins at US$0.3-US$0.5/pc
Imitation hard enamel pins also called synthetic enamel, eploa, semi-cloisonné pins . The process is similar to cloisonné, hare enamel except that a special liquid epoxy material is utilized to provide colors instead of the cloisonné color. Colors can be matched to Pantone Colors (PMS) in imitation enamel pins. Like cloisonné pins, a die are also used to stamp out copper pieces and shape the imitation enamel pins. Imitation enamel pins replaced the cloisonné pins because of similarity to hard enamel material, lower cost, fast delivery time and much more colors to choose from.

Wholesale Soft Enamel Lapel Pins at US$0.15-US$0.3/pc
Soft enamel pins are one of the most popular pins and that the price is low price than Cloisonné pins and Imitation Enamel pins. The color is rich full (based on Pantone Colors (PMS) that sheds luster on copper, iron, aluminum by either stamping or photo etching. Soft Enamel pins is one of our most popular choices for custom lapel pins, it offers a great looking product for a price slightly less than the cloisonné process. They are rugged, versatile, and affordable.

Wholesale Photo Etched Lapel Pins at US$0.25-US$0.5/pc
Photo etched soft enamel Pins are made from a thinner metal plate that is suitable for etching.
For photo etched, the color pigments used are same as the pins in soft enamel . Unlike soft enamel pin, your design is photographically negative on a film and put onto the surface of the metal. Then they will go through the machine and your design will “imprinted” on the metal by chemical reaction with acid liquid. Colors are then filled by hand one by one using syringes. Then, it will baked in oven and cut out the desired shape after baked. It is also not resistant to scratch and high temperature. We could add epoxy layer for further protection. Any color in Pantone ® chart is available.

Wholesale Die Struck Lapel Pins at US$0.2-US$0.5/pc
In die struck process, there is no color used . Your image or design are carved into the metal by using a die and stamped onto the sheet of iron or copper. Desired shape will be cut out by cutting molds. Highly polishing is one of the character of die struck. To create more impressive and elegant effect, plating is important for die struck. We will apply different type of plating such as gold, silver, bronze, antique bronze, antique brass and gold are common used.

Wholesale Printing Lapel Pins at US$0.1-US$0.2/pc
There are two kinds of printing pins.
1.) Silk screen badge pins
offer great detail produced in full color. Offset Printed Lapel Pins offer the most flexibility in design and style. Good for artwork requiring precise, simple and high resolution of color e.g. logo. Pantone colors (PMS) color chart applicable
2.) Offset printed badge pins
, an image of your design is transferred from a photographic negative onto the surface of the metal lapel pin. Using the offset printed process we are able to print pictures, images, and camera ready artwork using a 4-color process CMYK. We recommends providing 300dpi Camera ready artwork for this process to ensure that a quality image is available for printing.


Receive your lapel pins in 7-15 days!
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