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Keychain, also known as key rings, key rings, key chains, key pegs. The material is generally produced keychain metal, leather, plastic and so on. This material compact, shape changing everyday people carry daily necessities. Key is the key ring hanging on decorative items. Select the key with your favorite keychain, not only can reflect the individual's mood and personality, better show their taste but also to bring their own happy mood. Key styling variety, such as cartoon characters, brand modeling, simulation models, and so on, in general, such as copper material, aluminum, PVC, plastic, etc. is now mainly a nickel or zinc alloy plated rhodium rust elements. Key has now become a small gift; you can give a friend or yourself, express your one mind.

2: Crafts

1: Plating

2: Printing

3: Enamel

4: Painting

3: Currently on the market is the most common materials are:

1: Soft PVC key chain, can shaping strong, and can be customized according to your desired size and shape, mold fee generally not too expensive, at most jewelry stores this material;

2: Zinc alloy keychain, zinc alloy is also one of relatively strong metal plasticity;

3: Acrylic keychain, sub imported materials and domestic materials, hollow and solid, transparent, colored paper can be put into the middle;

4: Iron

5: Bronze

6: Stainless steel 




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