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Wholesale Flag Pins:

As a professional flag pins manufacturer we produce and wholesale following styles productions.

We have more than 100 different styles of flag pins with different countries' flag on.

  • Printing flag on Stainless with epoxy. This style productions can be produced at very lowest price if the order quantity is large, and the turn out time is as short as 7days. Mostly printing pins are added epoxy on the surface to protect the printing.

  • Die struck iron material flag pins with soft enamel and epoxy. It is good choice as promotion gifts. Using iron material can save much money, most flags pins ware made from this material.

  • Die struck copper flag pins with soft enamel or imitation hard enamel. This is durable than other styles, it is good idea to treat the imitation hard enamel flag pins as good look gifts.

  • Zinc-alloy material flag pins with soft enamel or imitation hard enamel. Similar with copper eploa flag pin, which is cheaper than copper pins.

We produced and wholesale high-quality national flag pins, including the United States flag pin, Canada flag pin, the U.K. flag pin, the German flag pin, and so on. Your custom design is  welcome. We also can accord your requirements to design and produce different styles of flag pins.

Contact our professional staffs, we will do our best to match your requirements. Small orders are also welcome, the minimum order quantity is 100pcs.

We can produce the expansive top quality national flag pins, also can produce the cheap iron soft enamel flag pins. Feel free let us know your detail requirements, so that we can provide the suitable flag pins for your business or event.

The most top quality national flag pins are bronze imitation hard enamel flag pins. We wholesale this style of flag pins to lots of country and are satisfied by our clients.

This imitation hard enamel flag pins are with smooth surface and the enamel are the same flat with the raised metal lines. This style of flag pins are durable and won't fade and won't get rust.

The cheapest flag pins are iron pins with the soft enamel, which can be produced out very fast, and people can feel the recess enamel color on the surface, certainly also can cover the transparent epoxy on the flag pins surface to protect the enamel and let the surface looking more shinny, because the dome epoxy will be more good looking and durable won't fade like the imitation hard enamel. These styles are also very welcome all over the world.

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