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Dog Tag Styles:

1) Aluminum Dog Tags with silkscreen/offset Printing: Best price with custom message.
2) Zinc-alloy Dog Tags With Enamel: Can with complex or 3D feature.
3) Stainless Steel Dog Tags With silkscreen/offset Printing, most used in the army.
4) Silicon Rubber Dog Tags with Printing.
5) LED Dog Tags, with colorful LED, good look and can be easy found at night.
6) Accessory: Ball Chain, Lanyard, Key Ring, Rubber Outer and etc.

Why Dog Tags?

Dog tags Contains Important Information in army.
Dog tags worn by the soldiers are the identification sign, the military dog tags contain the information about the soldiers which may save their life or easy to be recognized by others.

Dog tags are popular for their uniqueness.
More and more peoples who are not serving in the army also have their own custom dog tags, because it is easy to add personal message and picture on the dog tags to make them to be unique, it is cool to have personal dog tags dangling around your neck or wrist.

Dog tags worn on pets.
Dog tags, the pet tags or pet ID tags normally worn on pets' collars, they contains the information of Pet's name; owner's name, phone number, address; some also contains the message about the pet's history. With above message people can easy find the owner of the pets which lost way.

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DOT-09 DOT-10 DOT-11 DOT-12

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