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China Custom Token Coins Mint
We provide custom business token coins at lowest China factory price.
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Quality Custom Token Coins

1. Mint Material: According the different purposes, we do use different material and different plating to finish the token coins mint, so please let us know what kind of token coins do you want before quotation. It is important to know the usefulness when we count the custom token coins cost. Do you want custom tokens? Do you want collection coins? Or you want token coins? For business token coins, we normally using iron sheet to stamp out the exact size and the same shape, the same impressions with the artwork. And then plate them with nickel plating. For collection coins, better plating will be applied, like the 24K gold plating, silver plating, with these plating, the surface finish will be very good looking and valuable.

2. The design and artwork: It is better to send us your custom logo or artwork before quotation, so that we can give you the exact price cost for each item. Before production, we need to design the final artwork for mold making, all the productions will be exact the same with the design, so this is very important that you check it and confirm the artwork before start making mold.  Normally the token coins are right round and standard size is 1.0inch, 1.25inch, 1.5inch, 2.0inch... and most token coins are without enamel color just are die struck coins. This can save some cost and also can save lots of production time. Since most token coins order quantity are large. For collection coins, the beautiful design is very important and need to be with deep meaning or artistic value.

4. Package of the token coins: Pack the token coins in each blank poly bag is our normal packing. We also have other kind of packages, like PVC box, Paper Card, PVC Card and so on. The special packages are most for the collection coins. For the custom token coins, we suggest to using simple package.

5. Production Lead Time: Standard sample lead time is 7days and production lead time is 10-30days. For some urgent orders we can finish the samples in 5days, and 1000pcs order less than 10days. We have the ability to finish 500, 000pcs token coins each month, so you no need to worry about the production lead time.

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Coin-01 Coin-02 Coin-03 Coin-04
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Coin-05 Coin-06 Coin-07 Coin-08
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Coin-09 Coin-10 Coin-11 Coin-12
token coins token coins token coins token coins
Coin-13 Coin-14 Coin-15 Coin-16

As a professional token coins mint, we know how to mint quality tokens, collection coins at competitive price in short times.
Coins Styles:
1) Copper Coins With Hard Enamel/Imitation Hard Enamel/Soft Enamel.
2) Zinc-alloy Coins With Imitation Hard Enamel/Soft Enamel.
3) Die Struck Coins made from steel, copper, tin material.
4) Coins With Colorful Printing.

The difference between tokens and coins.
1. The coins are issued by the local government or national organization. And the tokens are issued by the companies or groups.
2. The material of coins is valuable than tokens, normally steel, aluminum, copper, tin, zinc-alloy materials were used to produce tokens.
3. Tokens are used in place of coins by the companies to provide special custom service to their customers. It is good idea to use the token coins to improve the customer service.


Receive your coins in 7-15 days!
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