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Cloisonne was developed by Chinese thousands of years ago. The coloring on the cloisonne badges won't fade away in almost 100years. It's as hard and glossy as ceramic. It must be bake under over 800 degrees Celsius per color. Yet the coloration confines to 156 specific cloisonne colors, not as many as pantone color chart. Additional screen printing might be applied upon any demands beyond the 156 fixed colors for the cloisonne badges/lapel pins. Cloisonne badges are ideal for collection or premium souvenirs, hence the cost is higher relatively. Only copper is available for cloisonne badges due to the features of captioned metal.

Cloisonne Lapel Pins -- Cloisonne Badges :
Material : Copper
Colors : From mineral ore, grind into powder.
Motifs : Made by die struck way. (Stamping way)
Color Chart : AOKI or FLOWER VASE or JS Color Chart

Cloisonne-badge Cloisonne-badge Cloisonne-badge Cloisonne-badge
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