Metal Badges, Custom Metal Badge Styles
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Metal Badge Styles

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  • Hard enamel metal badge              

  • Imitation hard enamel metal badge

  • Soft enamel metal badge               

  • Die struck metal badge                  

  • Printing metal badge

    Metals, different metals, there are several different metals which suitable for metal badges making. Best one is copper material, which is soft and durable and very suitable for plating, polish. In the badges history, all the collection badges were made of copper material, with hard enamel filled in. Which won't fade for ever.

    After the technology improved and people like fashion design badges,  and the badge quality is more and more big than before, we need find out some cheap and suitable material to match this requirements. Zinc alloy material is best Substitute of the copper material. Zinc alloy metal material the same soft like the copper, but more cheaper than copper.

    Another cheap metal material is iron which also can be used for the metal badges. Iron material almost the same heavy like copper and more strong than copper material. Just one thing not good is not like the copper material easy to be polished, too hard to be polished good enough. So for the large metal area badges, don't use the iron, for most area covered by enamel badges, iron material is good enough.

     -Hard enamel metal badges often called cloisonné badges, are of the finest quality. They are stamped with your design, filled with powdered glass and enamel, then kiln fired to fuse glass to pin. The surface is polished to create a beautiful product.
    -Imitation hard enamel metal badges (Soft Cloisonné) is a supplement of hard enamel badges, it can meet the demand of various colors for wider option. Smooth enamel and high-quality polishing give these pins a jewelry-like and gorgeous look. Most of the collectable emblems are made through this process.

    -Soft enamel metal badges mimic hard enamel at a fraction of the cost. They are stamped with your design, filled with enamel, and kiln fired to fuse enamel to pin. Then the surface is covered with a clear epoxy dome. The end result is very close in appearance to hard enamel badges.
    -Die struck metal badges give the appearance of your image or design being "carved" into the metal surface of the badges. This creates the illusion of a sculptured piece of jewelry and is quite impressive. The process for developing die struck badge pins is simple. A die is cut to the image of your badge pin design . Next, your image is stamped on a sheet of iron or copper.
    - Printing Metal Badges :
    There are two styles of printing metal badge--- Offset Printing Badge and Silkscreen Printing Badge.
    1.) Offset Printing Badges: each color is mixed by different percentage of 4 colors CMYK. Color resolution is about 200dpi. Every etched plate with designs must go through each of the 4 tinted rollers on printing machine to produce the final artwork. Not every color has its process equivalent e.g. metallic colors. That’s why spot color is added sometimes. Glittering colors is also applicable. Good for artwork with many and gradation colors.
    2.) Silkscreen Badges: each color is premixed by paint manufacturer, namely spot color. Up to 300dpi resolution. Good for artwork requiring precise, simple and high resolution of color e.g. logo. PMS color chart applicable.

    Custom Metal Badges

    Receive your custom metal badge in 7-15 days!

    Police Badges | Military Badges | School Badges | Button Badge | Print Badge

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