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I liked the badges very much. I liked the color choices. The finish and etching was good.
Lee J

The design of the badge is superb!
                --- Andrew M
Thanks so much for those quality pins. They are superb.
                  ---Harald H
The pins have just been delivered and they are beautiful, congratulations on a job well done.
                 ---Charlie T
I am absolutely delighted. A first class job indeed. Well done. The badges are much better than I could have imagined.
                      ---Tim P
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Pin Badges Manufacture

In 2000, we start to produce the Metal Pin Badges  in Shenzhen, China. Now, over 14 years experience, we specialize in custom designed metal pin badges, medals, coins, dog tags, bottle openers, key chains, fashion buckles, cufflinks, purse hanger and many other metal gifts.

As a professional manufacturer, using your original ideas, we create the quality pin badges in our factory with skilled precision and craft until completed to your satisfaction at cheapest price. We can also help you through the process with assistance in artwork. Our factory covers every technique and facet of the pin badges, the business including but not limited to Cloisonné eploa, soft enamel, plate printing, mold engraving, die striking, photo etching, injection, shape cutting, coloring, printing, polishing, electro plating, fitting attachments, epoxy coating and packing. Completed to perfection.

Through our experience as a metal pin badges manufacturer, we have earned respect as a factory that supplies high quality products at a competitive wholesale price. On time delivery and professional service continue to be among our most important goals.

We hope that you find our company is more than adequate to satisfy your needs and enjoy our service!

Please feel free to contact us!

For Urgent Order, we can finish the orders in rush time:




5days samples making!

7days mass production making!




Features of different style pin badges.


1. Die struck pin badges.

The steel hard mold engraved with the logo or custom design, and die struck on the metal.

Cut out the shape, then you can see the custom design.

Die struck process normally use the iron or bronze cooper metal material. from the edge you can find out the cut lines.

2. Printing pin badges.

The printing pin badges can print out the small complex logo, which can't be filled enamel color. Or the color with shade we will choose the printing process.
For small simple logo color, we can print out use silkscreen printing process. For complex shade color, only can use the photo printing process.

3. Enamel pin badges.

There are softer enamel and hard enamel, imitation hard enamel styles. For complex colors, we choose the soft enamel color, for simple color color normally choose the imitation hard enamel color. If you want the better quality color, also choose the imitation hard enamel color, which is more durable and the surface more clear than soft enamel.
The imitation hard enamel color is flat smooth and shinny. The soft enamel color is recess also shinny. But can't avoid little dirty, when you put the pins under the light and inspect it carefully.
The hard enamel badges are very expansive than other styles. which won't fade for hundreds years.

4. Zinc alloy injection pin badges.

Most deep 3D design use the zinc alloy material which can show out the 3D very well.
The zinc alloy process also can be used for big size production, like the badges bigger than 2inch, normally use zinc alloy material.


Factory Tour


Lapel Pins Badges Manufacturer-Drawing

Making Mold

Lapel Pins Badges Manufacturer-Making Mold


Lapel Pins Badges Manufacturer-Die Struck Stamping


Lapel Pins Badges Manufacturer-Zinc alloy injection



Lapel Pins Badges Manufacturer-Printing

Cut Shape

Lapel Pins Badges Manufacturer-Cut Shape


Lapel Pins Badges Manufacturer-Plating

Filling Color

Lapel Pins Badges Manufacturer-Filling Color

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